Payments previously processed by Axis Billing Company are now being handled by Covenant Business Solutions. You will no longer see Axis Billing Company on your credit card statements, however you will see the new descriptor

You are likely visiting this website because you noticed a charge on your credit card statement from Axis Billing, or CBSEFT that you may not recognize.

Covenant Business Solutions is a third party billing company that provides billing services to Health Clubs, Gyms, Martial Arts Studios, Non-Profits, Web Hosting & Marketing Companies, as well as many other groups and organizations. It is Covenant's responsibility to bill you on behalf of our clients.

If you are still concerned, have questions, or believe the charge on your statement is in error, please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-888-331-3371. Alternatively, you can email us. We can also be reached by USPS mail at the following address:

Covenant Business Solutions
1497 Main Street, Suite 391
Dunedin, FL, 34698